Only here to review the pizza places that I love to eat in Philadelphia. Genuine, unbiased reviews of my favorites only

Delicious Spanish Fries

I tried Spanish fries at Bellissima last week. I forgot what's the ingredient to the Spanish fries, but it was delicious indeed. I do have to warn you that it is very filling. If you have a main entree, then most likely you won't be able to finish the fries. Bellissima serves large portions for low prices. Next time I go, I will try their mega fries with a cheeseburger to go with it. I also love Bellissima's crab fries. The seasoning is just perfect on the fries.

About two weeks ago, I had two slices of barbecue chicken pizzas with crab fries over there, and I was extremely full. I recommend anyone to go try Bellissima pizza restaurant.