Only here to review the pizza places that I love to eat in Philadelphia. Genuine, unbiased reviews of my favorites only

Northeast Philadelphia Pizza

Are you looking for Northeast Philadelphia pizza shop? I have tried plenty of places, but there is only one that I like in the Northeast Philadelphia area.

The only pizza shop I go to is Bellissima Pizza on Castor Avenue. They make the best cheesesteak... way better than the ones at Gino's and Pat's. Those two places are overrated.

I have also tried their Stromboli, and I pretty much love anything that is there. The food is also inexpensive so you can enjoy great food and spend less money. For example, during lunch time, you can get cheesesteak, fries, and a 20oz. soda for around $6.

If you do go, you should try the Victor Special. It's not on the menu because the owner Victor makes the special. It has cheese, chicken tenders, and some other stuff that I forgot, but I know a lot of kids go there to get it.

I am only going to review where I love to eat, and I have yet to try a better place than Bellissima Pizza around the way. If I like another pizza restaurant, I will post it here.